Riding the Ox Home 10


“When the student is ready, the Master appears.”  Buddhist Proverb 

 Things happen when they are meant to happen.  There are some things that you can accomplish immediately.  There are some things that need patience.  It is important to know which is which.

It is also important to be ready to accept any challenge that arises with enthusiasm and passion.  Everything is possible as long as you do not defeat yourself.  I know that this is an easy thing to say but a difficult thing to do.  Just remember good and bad are arbitrary labels we put on the events in our life.  You can just as easy call a good event bad and a bad event good.

Look at any major catastrophe and you will see examples of this.  Some people cry out in pity for themselves, calling for revenge while others speak of how lucky they feel to be alive.  And this was the very same event.

In the next five minutes, something will happen to you.  Register your immediate reaction and your feelings.  Then switch it and feel the opposite way.  See if you can make a good event bad and visa versa.  It might be difficult at the start, but soon you will become accustomed to doing this.  This is also a very good tool in rehearsal.  After you have decided your character’s reactions to the plot, change them around.  Some changes might work very well or lead you into more interesting choices.  Many of these reactions will be inappropriate for the performance, but they will give you a deeper understanding of the choices made by your character.

Finally, be open to what life gives you.  Know that things will come to you if you are ready.  The Rolling Stones concur: “You can’t always get what you want . . . but you’ll get what you need.”



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Mr. Winter has written novels, books of poetry and short stories, and books on acting. He has written over three dozen plays, winning the S.C. Playwright’s Festival. His inventive theatrical work has been seen in the US and Europe. A.F. Winter has been acting, teaching, and directing, for over 30 years. He created a theatre which worked with at-risk youth giving them positive alternatives in their lives. Please visit his website at AFWinter.com. View all posts by oxrider

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