Monthly Archives: August 2015


Perseids peaks tonight, the headlines said.

I remembered as I was walking my dog.

I looked up to the sky and saw a shooting star.

I had no wish to make.


The meteor cast a million particles of dust across the universe.

And every year, the earth passes through its dusty trail.

When the sand sized particles fall into our atmosphere,

We are treated to a rare display of natural fireworks.


Three years ago, we went into a field behind your house,

To watch the meteor shower together.

You had never seen them before.

I had seen them several times before.


You didn’t like that.

You only wanted to experience something new with me.

I never gave that to you.

And you were jealous of my past.


I didn’t care if I had seen a shooting star before,

Or went to somewhere with someone else.

I wanted to experience it with you.

I wanted to build our future.


So, there we were sitting on my car’s hood.

Holding hands.

Drinking Absinthe out of a flask.

Looking to the darkened sky.





Holding on to each other.


Beneath the great blackness

Sensing that we were something

While understanding our insignificance

And our finiteness.


Together we were something

A part of the universe

A part of the reason for the whole,

Together we were.


We never saw a shooting star.

And after a while, with alcohol gone,

And the night getting cool,

We went home.


And in your bed,

We were something.

A part of the universe

A part of the reason.