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Strange Coincidence

Today on the news, there was a story about a baby that was found abandoned in a church’s nativity scene.

The exact same thing happened in a book that I finished writing last year.

I was sending it out to publishers.

I was going to self-publish it January 1, 2016 if I had no interest.

But after finding out about this real life event, I hit the publish button.

A Walk in the Valley is now available for sale.

Here is the info:

A Walk in the Valley

Authored by A. F. Winter

List Price: $12.99

6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Black & White on White paper 220 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1490902869 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1490902864 BISAC: Fiction / Action & Adventure

A Walk in the Valley is one man’s journey to self discovery. John B. has been living on the streets for several years after a personal tragedy destroyed his idyllic life. At first he believes that the visions he sees are hallucinations brought about by alcohol but he soon realizes they are spirits of the dead. They will not give him peace until he helps them. This novel is part horror, part detective, and part spiritual awakening.

CreateSpace eStore:

November 16, 2009

This was the day that I fell in love with you.

I wasn’t aware of it yet.

But that was the day, we started.

We were friends, hung out with others,

Until then, it wasn’t remarkable.


Then six years ago today I went to the eye doctor.

He put drops in my eyes and I couldn’t drive.

So I went back to school.

You were working late.

And I stopped into your room.


We talked for hours.

And when we left, we were different.

Like the first time you tasted chocolate,

Or saw the Grand Canyon.

Or the first time you fell in love.


We didn’t know it then, but we were.

I wrote you a poem that night,

The first of many,

About you,

For you.



Six years ago, I fell in love with you.

One year ago we ended.

Today is the first time since we met

That you are not the most important person in the world to me,

On this day.


Next year, I probably won’t remember November 16th

With as much sorrow.

I will have covered up the pain,

With false veneers

And falser words.


But this year, I’ll remember,

A poem I wrote a long time ago

Which spoke of threads,

Of hope,

And love.

While Paris is Bleeding

While Paris is bleeding

We complain about the decorations

On our coffee cups.

We talk about building walls to keep illegals out

So they can’t pick the crops we place on our tables.


While Paris is bleeding

We engorge ourselves becoming obese

While our neighbor’s children have not eaten today.

We make plans for Thanksgiving

As another Black youth is buried too soon, too soon.


How can we not be aware of the sorrow that surrounds us?

All around us, every day.


While Paris is bleeding

We go on serenely

With only distractions to clutter our lives.


And we think that God loves us

Because, in our minds, we are doing so well.

So we stand up, fists clenched, and angrily yell,

“Damn all of you sinners, you’re going to hell!”

At the homeless veteran, the impoverished child,

The tired and poor, the huddled masses

Asleep at the foot of our Liberty bell.


And Paris is bleeding.

Jerusalem too.

And Beirut is bleeding.

And Yemen, Cairo, the Ukraine and Kabul.

And Nigeria, Denmark, and Istanbul

And Blacksburg, Sandy Hook, Chattanooga,

And Charleston is bleeding.

We bleed too.


More Poetry by A.F. Winter

I Am Vincent
List Price: $7.99

I Am Vincent
58 Stories of love and loneliness in poetry and prose

By A.F. Winter

For my whole life, I have been looking for love and acceptance. I have had moments when love was real and it seemed like it would last forever. And then those moments would pass and I would be alone once more.

This book is a collection of stories and poetry on my own personal experiences with love. It is not a place for me to dwell in my own pain and sorrow. It is an acknowledgement that hate is not the opposite of love; loneliness is. And in our lives, we travel from one extreme to the other; as a pendulum swings from one threshold and back again.

We cannot have love without realizing that love will one day end. And even in the strongest unions, death will separate the two lovers. In that end, there will be emptiness.

Should that stop us from loving? Of course not. Every moment that we are in love, we are fully alive. We cannot be truly happy without it.

What should we do with this knowledge? Well if you have love, take the time to appreciate it and the one you love because it may not always be that way. If you don’t have it, be patient. If your heart and mind are open, love will find a way in.

Publication Date:   Apr 09 2015

ISBN/EAN13:   1511481412 / 9781511481410
Page Count:   86
Binding Type:   US Trade Paper
Trim Size:   6″ x 9″
Language:   English
Color:   Black and White
Related Categories:   Poetry / Subjects & Themes / Love


Available on Amazon or:



About the author:
He lives near Charleston S.C. with his dog, Millie. His email is His blog is His website is

Woman in a Bookstore

There is nothing as alluring as a woman in a book store,

Casually strolling through the aisles.

Looking for a story, to be swept away.

She is looking for something more.

Someone just has to step in.


The way she touches the books as she passes.

Her fingers rising and falling in a playful, teasing manner.

The way she decides on a volume to pick off the shelf.

Her eyes widening as a wave of recognition flows over her.

Is this the one she has been looking for?


The way she looks at the front cover and then thoughtfully turns it over,

Something has sparked her interest.

She puts down her coffee cup and opens the book.

She smiles at the few words she has read.

Contemplating buying it, contemplating a commitment.


This is a woman who has opinions.

This is a woman who thirsts for more.

This is a woman who you can talk to and laugh with.


Reading a book is not instant gratification.

Its joy comes from taking the time to listen and absorb another reality.

It comes from being open to more than the mundane.

She will have a relationship with something more than a blip on the screen

And she will be faithful until the story is finished.

A natural ending to a sensuous relationship.

She has wept, she has laughed.

She has given her all.

And then she has moved on.


If the writer is good, she will be back because she craves his words.

If the writer is not up to her hidden passions,

She will put it down without another thought.

Her time is too precious to waste on mediocracy.


Yes I love a woman in a bookstore

Preferably a used bookstore with dust on the shelves.

There are no coffee shops in the store.

Only books and secluded crannies

Where love can begin

In the pages of an old book.