Monthly Archives: December 2015


There are many ways of celebrating this holiday season

New Year’s ball dropping, campfire making s’mores, Christmas caroling

All of them are better with family and friends

Sometime we take for granted the gifts we have

And I’m not talking about the ones under the tree

But what of those people who have no family, no friends to share this spirit of joy with?


Our soldiers on foreign lands

The elderly in nursing homes

The homeless on the street

What does the holidays mean to them?

Standing outside in the cold looking at the logs burning in the fireplace

What can we do too bring love into another’s heart?


So before that meal

Before that football game

Before opening your gifts


Give thanks

Because there is little difference between you and them


About those in need,

Do something

For others who are hurting or in pain.




It just gets stranger.

The next day after I read an article on a baby being left in a manger,

Which prompted me to publish my book, A Walk in the Valley,

I read another article about a baby being found buried underneath asphalt.

Both babies are doing fine.

What a strange world we live in.

What a strange and frightening world.