Monthly Archives: April 2016

Three Six Word Poems on Race


Shot dead
Lying there
Six hours



I forgot how many died,




So strong
Refuse to help

One of those people. April 5, 2016


I am one of those people

Who has given up on love.

I never found it

Although I’ve spent most of my life

Looking for it.

I might have found it

But I lost it

Many times and many times again.


I thought I had plenty of time

But opportunities flew from me

Like a escaped canary

Through an open window.

I thought it was my friend.

I thought it wanted to stay with me

On my journey.


But it was only a bird.

It wasn’t my friend.

It couldn’t give my life value.

It was only a bird.


I am one of those people

Who must travel alone

Feeling the weight of my own steps

Getting heavier

Moving slower

Until I step no more.

Two Poems Written in Mt. Airy NC


I got a phone call.

It was a wrong number.

Reminded me of

Those terrible things

Not so long ago.



I look for me,

Wherever I go.

I’m never there.

I’m somewhere else,

Looking for me.